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Dedicated IP address is definitely the approach to take for email marketing

One of the elements that figure out the success of an email marketing campaign is definitely the sender reputation. Many ISP and free email service glance at the reputation of the IP address used for sending the email.

Email marketers are used to recognize that a dedicated IP address is the foremost solution of email deliverability. Here are the reasons why they choose a dedicated IP in Emailserving:

  • Once they’re assigned to a unique IP address, nobody can have an influence on the email reputation
  • Dedicated IP addresses are static; meaning it never alters. Therefore, good email marketing practices will help sustain a positive reputation of those IP addresses.
  • They’re the one who are accountable for the reputation of your IP address. To prevent any bad reputation that may damage email deliverability, they stick with the best email practices and approved opt – in list.

How to Set Up

Upon starting using Emailserving for your email campaign, you can ask for dedicated IP address to be assigned to your account, please contact us directly.

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