White Label Email Marketing Platform

Earn Ad Revenue From Your Opt-in List (banner) Want to get more out of your current opt-in lists? Want to double or triple your income with your current opt-in list? We have a solution! What is Email List Parking Email list parking in Emailserving is a one of a kind service where email list owners can park their permission based opt-in list and earn ad revenue. This is similar to domain parking services but instead of using a domain, you will be using your opt-in email list. It is great for list owners with opt-in lists targeted to specific categories (Eg: 100K US Consumer emails, 50k emails related to forex) By providing an area to post your opt-in lists of different categories, it will save time and money. No longer will publishers have to spend time to find advertisers through forums. No longer will publishers have to spend money on advertising to make use of their opt-in lists. How Does Email List Parking Work? Publishers can simply put their opt-in list in our system, set their own prices, add a few descriptions and it’s done. When a suitable advertiser comes along, they will bid on your opt-in lists and you will get paid. There is no hassle and your email contacts will never be exposed. How To Set Up Your List For Parking • Put the opt-in list you want to rent for one campaign • Set your price on how much this campaign is worth • Set category, opt-in landing page and basic description about your list • Launch and start earning from your opt-in list How Will I Get Paid? As a revenue sharing network, publishers can earn up to 60% of total revenue from advertisers through Paypal or Visa Card. You will get paid one week after the campaign has been successfully sent and completed. There are no hidden charges or service fees. Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. Convenient and Easy to Use • Easy to use email parking system • Free sign up • Step by step guide on how to set up your opt-in list for parking • Pick your lists and set your own prices • Get more out of your existing opt-in lists • Integrated email marketing system Sign up for a free account and start earning from your opt-in lists today!