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Create Simple Followup Emails for Your Campaigns

After you’ve set up your email campaign, quickly create a Followup campaign that will automatically send emails to prospects that have either opened, clicked, or replied to your email. Or follow up with any recipients that haven’t opened, clicked, or replied.

Setting up a Followup email is simple, and it could be done in your after you’ve set up your campaign.

1) Open up the email campaign that you want to set a Followup email. Select either Create Followup at the top of the menu or New Followup at the bottom of the menu, and the Followup menu should pop-up.

Create Email Followup

2) In the next menu, you will need to create your Followup email first before you can select it to be used as a Followup for the campaign. Click on Create New Template to create a new one if you don’t have one already set up.

Campaign Followup Testing

3) In this step, you want to set up your Followup Email template and content.

a. Set up the parameters for your email: Template Name, Trigger Condition, Trigger Value, and Send Frequency (available for only Opened, Clicked, or Replied Trigger Conditions.)

Create New Followup Template

b. Create the email content by selecting the template and adding in the content that you want. Remember to select an appropriate email title for your Followup email.

Followup Template Content

c. Add the email that you want to send it from.

d. After you’ve done all the above steps, you’ll be brought to the summary page. Click Done to finish setting up the template.

Followup Template Summary

4) After you’ve finished creating a Followup Email template, you’ll be brought back to the New Followup menu. Your new Followup Email will appear in the list of templates to choose from. Type in a name for your Followup, select the template and click Create.

Select Followup Template Run

5) And that’s it! You’ll be brought to a summary page detailing the parameters of the Followup Email campaign. Verify all the information and when you’re ready, click Start Followup Now to finish setting up.

Followup Summary Details