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“How EmailServing Works”

Send-In Feature

Send-In HTML Email Template

The Send-In feature allows you to send your favourite HTML email templates to your account directly and use it on your newsletters. You can personalize your templates with your favourite email editor such as Outlook, Fedora, and others before you send it into your account.

How to Set Up

  • 1. Login to your Emailserving member’s area
  • 2. From the top, select Templates
  • 3. Select Send-In Emails from one of the tabs
  • 4. Copy the special email address
  • 5. Simply forward the template you want to send in to the special email address

How to Use a Sent In Template

All of your sent in templates are located in the main Template tab on top of your member’s area. To use a sent in template for a campaign, simply choose HTML emails, and select directly from Templates.
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