White Label Email Marketing Platform

“Get the most out of your email marketing with Emailserving’s powerful features”


You’ve probably arrived at this page because one of our customers used Emailserving to send you an email campaign, and you’ve traced one of the links in the email back here to investigate. Email serving is a new email campaign tool allowing customers to send emails, newsletters and postcard and manage their clients’ contact lists.

  • Manage Subscribers
  • Build and manage your lists easily
  • Inbox Inspector
  • Email lists uploader
  • Visitors subsribe box
  • Email import tools
  • List management with add/delete/unsubscribe
  • Bounce and permission management
  • List segmentation
  • Create email campaign
  • Create professional email letters
  • Step by step email wizard
  • Preview and test your emails
  • Email send scheduling
  • Re-usable template
  • Email template editor
  • Import from URL
  • HTML code inspector
  • Tracking and Reports
  • Make your email marketing campaign better
  • Real time tracking
  • Geo-IP reports
  • Email open tracking
  • Click tracking
  • Bounced email reports
  • Opt-out email reports
  • Track sent emails
  • Detail and summary reports